It starts with a mountain . . .
A note to our many new clients, and to our hundreds of loyal supporters: Our family recognizes your Covid-19 concerns.
City and state mandates re: non-essential businesses don't, at this time, apply to small, in-home service teams like ours.

5 Special Services:

1.  A great labor price right on our website - No "start high" bids or confusing shoptalk.

2.  Any stone material at our cost - You get a copy of our payment receipt (slabs average 60-70 SF).

3.  No "deposit" when we're hired - Others want 30-50% up front before templating or buying stone.

4.  Free Designer services - We help you find the perfect stone that fits your budget.*

5.  Finest stone-craft - Install 2-3 weeks. We go up to 2 hours from Tulsa (depending on the job size).

*Shops marking up the stone tell you to "pick what you like" - Pricey stone = more profit.


We wholesale any stone when we fabricate.


5 Simple Steps:


1. Owner Michael helps with design ideas, measures counters, and prices labor.

2. We meet to help you pick a perfect material for your project and budget.

3. We buy your stone with no up-front to you, then assign your job to one of our 5 crews.

 4.  We template, cut the counters, edge, polish, and arrange a project-install date.

5. On installation day we email your invoice, and you give your check to  the team.*

* We also take credit cards, but must add the 3% which the CC companies charge us.

A better price for the finest counters


                "First-class work at a can't-miss price"

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