Labor to Fabricate & Install Stone Counters Just $28 Square Foot + Any Stone Slabs at our DOCUMENTED WHOLESALE PRICE


*Stone from $5.05 SF - Updated weekly - Slabs average 65 SF (square feet)

Michael/Adam/Sandra Connors

Green Country's #1 CHOICE

First drop-in sink cut FREE 

4 Free Countertop Edges

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How We Work

5 Simple Steps:

1. Michael visits with great design ideas, measures, & quotes an exact labor price.

2. We meet at the suppliers to find the best stone for your project & budget.*

3. We buy the slab(s). No up-front cost. Others 30-50% before work begins.

4. Crew templates, cuts, edges, wet-polishes, seals your new countertops.

5. On installation day you inspect the work, then give your check to our team.**

WE WHOLESALE ANY STONE with counter fabrication

* 'Markup' shops say "Pick what you like". Pricey stone = more fabricator-profit.                                

**  We take credit cards, but + the 3% that CC companies charge back to us.


Get in Touch

Oklahoma Granite and Stone wants to exceed your expectations. Questions or special requests?  Love to hear from you.  Reach out today.

We install Stone counters within 2 hours of Tulsa.  No materials at our Home Office, but 6 shops and multiple suppliers around the area.

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Tulsa, Oklahoma

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