A note to our many new clients, and to our hundreds of loyal supporters: Our family recognizes your Covid-19 concerns, and has managed to secure N99 + carbon masks from Viral-Tech for all in-home workers. Arriving week of 4/13. Tons of wipes and disposable gloves too. We care for our customers. If you're comfortable having us in your home or business, we will be there.
The Governor's mandate re: closing non-essential businesses doesn't, at this time, apply to small, in-home service companies like ours, since crew sizes are very small. We can still measure, template, and install countertops, although stone-slab choices are becoming limited, due to shipping quarantines. If the mandate-rules for safety are strengthened in any way, we will, of course, comply immediately.

                                                                             Our 5 Special Services


1.  A great labor price (to the 1/4 SF) that's posted right on our website - No "start high" bids or confusing shoptalk.


2.  Any stone material at our cost - You get a copy of our payment receipt (slabs average 60-70 SF).


3.  No "deposit" when we're hired - Other companies want 30-50% up front before templating or buying stone.


4.  Free Designer services - Co-owner Sandra will help you find the perfect stone that fits your budget.*


5.  Finest stone-crafting - Installation 1-3 weeks. We go up to 2 hours from Tulsa (depending on the job size).


*Other shops that mark up the stone send you to "pick what you like".  Pricey stone = more profit.  We wholesale.



                                                                                  5 Simple Steps



1.  Co-owner Michael visits to help you with design ideas, measures the countertops, and prices labor for your job.


2.  Designer Sandra helps you pick the perfect stone for your project and your budget.


3.  We buy your material with no up-front cost to you, then assign your job to one of our 5 crews.


4. Templates are made, counters cut, edged, and polished, and a project-install date is arranged.


5.  As your job is being finished, you'll get an invoice by email. Only then do you give your check to  the team.*


* We also take credit cards, but must add the 3% which the CC companies charge us.

A better price for the finest counters


                "First-class work at a can't-miss price"

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