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Oklahoma Granite and Stones

 Green Country's #1 Choice for Granite & Quartz Countertops -

$28 per sq ft

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Michael and Sandra Connors

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 Fabrication with installation labor just 

 Maori granite quarry - Brazil 

How We Work

 5 Simple Steps 

 1.   Michael visits to share design ideas; then digitally draws, measures, and provides an exact, documented labor quote.


 2.   He meets with you at one or more of the 3 big local suppliers, to help find the perfect wholesale stone(s) for your home.*​

 3.   We buy the slab(s) up front. No cost to you until we're done. Others may charge up to half before any work begins.

 4.   One crew templates, fabricates, edges, polishes, and seals your counters. With 6 teams, we can get you installed sooner.

 5.   After installation is completed, you look over our work, then give your check or other payment to the crew leader.**​


​       *Other shops send you alone to pick pricier stone.

        **Credit cards add a 3.1% CC processing fee.

Home: How We Work
  • 100's of beautiful slabs at wholesale

  • Many years of kitchen experience

(Countertop knowledge at its finest)

(Invoice copy at the stone yard)

  • 6 Crews - Fastest time to installation


  • Low-cost sink cuts

(+Great sinks at bargain prices)

 Why Choose Us? 

Great price, ON OUR WEBSITE. Why pay more?

  • First drop-in sink cut free.

  • Extra drop-ins only $79
  • Faucet holes are free.

  • Undermount kitchen-sink cuts only $249 (saves $100)

  • Vanity under-mount cuts $149

  • Laminate removal only $4/sq.ft.

  • Tile/stone removal just $8/sq.ft.

  • $35 county dump fee included

    Oklahoma Granite = No hidden costs!

Save with OK Granite & Stone

 Affordable Options 

Home: Choice of 4 Free Edges

Your Choice of 4 Free Countertop Edges*


*Chiseled edges only work with certain stones

Home: OKGS Service Area

OKGS Service Area

  •    We install within 2 hours of Tulsa

  •    Up to 4 hours for very large jobs


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Can I verify wholesale cost?

Yes. Owner-Designer Michael visits stone yards with you, to help pick, at wholesale, the perfect slab(s) for your design and budget. We reserve your material, and you get a hard copy of our OKGS payment INVOICE ON-THE-SPOT.

Lead time?

With 6 crews, we do average-sized jobs (most kitchens are +/- 60-70 SF)  in 1-2 weeks from when you choose your slabs. Note that all stones are available through Oklahoma Granite and Stone. We also use one shop as our "fast-track" crew, for projects with a critical deadline. Text or call our office for more info on lead time. 918-747-7893

How far will you travel?

We install within 2 hours of Tulsa. Travel depends on the job size. Been in SW Missouri to Lee's Summit, and to Texas, but mostly west to Edmond OK, N. to Independence Kansas, east to NW Arkansas, S. to McAlester OK.

Can you provide sinks?

We have a catalog of kitchen and bar sinks, sourced locally, at great prices. Everything from German granite-composite sinks in multiple shapes to heavy-duty stainless, plus lots of under-mounted and drop-in sinks for vanities. Vessel sinks and SPECIAL ORDERS TOO!

Note to our valued customers:

With labor shortages and ongoing

supply-chain shipping issues,

stone-slab prices will keep increasing

throughout 2023.

If you're thinking about stone counters,

meet with our OKGS Designer soon!



1608 N 70th West Place*

Tulsa, OK 74127

*Home Office only - No Stone here

918-747-7893   Text or call

Oklahoma Granite and Stones

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