We make stone counters SIMPLE

1. A GREAT labor price (to the 1/4 SF) that's right on our website - We do no "start high" bids or confusing shoptalk


2. Any stone material at OUR COST - You get a copy of our payment receipt (slabs average 60-70 SF)


3. No "deposit" when we are hired - Other companies 30-50% up front


4. Free Designer services - Co-owner Sandra will help you find the perfect stone which fits your budget*


5. Finest stone-crafting - install 1-3 weeks - WE GO UP TO 4 HOURS from Tulsa (depending on job size)


*Other shops that mark up the stone send you to "pick what you like". If you choose a pricey stone, there is more profit. WE WHOLESALE.

*Our company pays for the slab(s) until your project is completed. No up-front charges. When you pick  your stone, we give you our wholesaler's invoice, showing exactly what we've paid for your material

 We do counter fab and install labor for just $28 SF + material, and sell you the slab at our cost

We trust our customers and they trust us.

No $ up front. Pay when we finish.

We go 4 hours from Tulsa

A better $ for the finest counters 

Michael and Sandra Connors

1608 N. 70th W. Place Tulsa, OK*

*We keep no materials at our office 

Please call to view available stone

Call 8-8 or Text 6am-9pm - 7 days

We work w/ Clients in an easy way. No pressure, no salespeople. Deal directly with Michael and Sandra.

2.  If you're comfortable with us, our Designer arranges to help you pick the perfect stone for your project and your budget.
3.  We buy your material with no up-front cost to you, then assign your job to one of our 5 teams.
4.  Templates are made, counters cut, edged, and polished, and a project-install date arranged.
5.  As your job is being finished, you will get an invoice by email. Only then do you give your check to our crew.*

  5 Simple Steps: 

1.  Michael visits to help you with design ideas, then measures and prices the labor for your job.

* We take credit cards, but must add the 3% which the CC companies charge us.

"The easy, inexpensive way to have stone in your home"

Our stone cost is your cost

All we add is sales tax

We now install 4 hours from Tulsa

We're a small, family company. Proud to provide personal service; first call to final photos. Never any charge to you until the project is completed. No deposits. We front the material cost.

UNDERSTANDING STONE materials and fabrication can be confusing. It's a complex industry. Boulders weighing hundreds of tons wind up as beautiful "slabs" at local granite and stone yards. Demand for colors and patterns, with limited supplies of many stones, creates a wide range of material costs.

Labor prices are all over the map! Fab and install costs in NE OK and surrounding counties have jumped again to  $30-45 per SF, because labor $ for skilled stone-craftsmen keeps rising.

But, we still make stone counters simple.

Our Designer helps you pick your material. We buy it up front, then sell it back to you at our wholesale cost when the job is completed. Fab and install just $28 a square foot for any stone, any pattern, any color.

A Little Granite Education

From Oklahoma Granite and Stone

Fab and Install is just

$28 sf


Text 7 Days A Week  

Or send us your plans

We believe that an educated consumer is our greatest asset. This site is an to intro to our company, but also a way to help you know what you're actually buying; and what you should expect from your Seller, Designer, Fabricators, and Installers.


That can be hard if you're not familiar with stone terminology; or don't understand what's really part of another company's price. This website should help to solve the confusion.

Take time to look at all 4 areas, if you're thinking about stone for your home or business, Call or text anytime for more info.

Install time from signing an agreement and choosing stone is about 2-3 weeks, dependent on job size. Those numbers are updated weekly, should the time frame change. We also have a "fast-track" team for clients who absolutely need it. No extra cost to you.

Looking for a special gift?

Gift Certificate.JPG

Sample Gift Certificate

The 80' Luxor-Temple granite obelisk in Egypt has stood the test of time for over 3000 years.

We can create an OKGS gift certificate for any amount. Average kitchen counters are 40-60sf. Most baths 8-15sf.

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Located in Tulsa, OK


 Call 8-8 or Text 6am-9pm - 7 days 




*15+ beautiful granite colors and patterns at $7.95 SF.  8 quartz colors at $11.30.  100's of stones, all priced at our wholesale cost.