When anyone comes to your home to price some work that you want done, it's a muddy mix of pressure and confusion, right?

We have a simple solution . . .  price that stone-counter project yourself.

Step 1. Get yourself a tape measure. You know there's one in that junk drawer, or out in the garage, or borrow one from uncle Bob, or spend 5 bucks at the hardware store.

Step 2 Measure the width (length, end-to-end, side-to-side), and depth (front to back, wall-to-front edge) of each  "Area".

Step 3.  Next, use that good ol' calculator on your cell phone to multiply the width x depth of each Area to get square inches.

Here's an example:

A kitchen island measures 84-1/4" wide by 36" deep. 84.25 x 36 = 3,033 sq in, divided by 144, = 21.063 sq ft. Easy, yes?

Step 4.  Now just add up the total square-footage of all Areas, and multiply by our labor price of $28 per SF.

Note that many stone fabricators price their jobs in nice, round numbers, which often includes both labor and materials.

Our Designer always pays for your slab(s) when chosen, and the stoneyard gives you a duplicate copy of our payment receipt.

We are the easy way to have stone in your home
Some useful notes:

Note A:

When measuring counter depth, measure to the wall surface, not to tile backsplash. If you can't get around the tile, just add 1/4" to the depth; a common tile thickness.

Note B:

When measuring out from a wall, look down towards the floor from the countertop edge.

Note C:

If a stove is close to the wall behind it, with no counter-strip in the rear, we only charge for the left and right sides. 

Once you've calculated approximate square-footage, call and let us come out to give you an exact labor quote. There's never any charge for us to draw and measure. We can also show you some fabulous stone choices online!


A great labor price for stone-counter fabrication & installation, and we always price any stone that you choose at our wholesale cost.


              "First-class work at a can't-miss price"

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