How to measure kitchen counters & price your own job -  4 simple steps

STEP 1 - Find or borrow a tape measure, or spend $5 at a local hardware or box store.

Woman measuring counter_edited_edited.jpg


STEP 2 - Meas. width (end-to-end) & depth (wall-to-edge) of each "AREA".*

AREA =  A counter forming a square or rectangle.

*Measure to 1/4" - Doesn't have to be too precise


For L-Shaped counters, the first leg is AREA 1, the 2nd is AREA 2.


STEP 3 - Width x depth of each AREA = square inches, ÷ 144 = square feet.

Island 84-1/4"x 36" = 3,033 square inches, ÷ 144 = 21.06 square feet. EASY, YES?

STEP 4 - Add up square feet for all AREAS.  Multiply by our labor of $28 SF.  You've just priced fabrication with installation for your STONE-COUNTERTOP PROJECT.

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Extend angles to form a square or rectangle.