Design and Materials

Our major supplier sells us 20+, 3cm (1.2") granites, the "thicker" ones, for $7.95 SF. We pass that savings to you. Popular pattern-names you've seen on TV home-shows and in house magazines, or found on-line. Well-known slabs from quarries around the world. Beautiful choices that will bring your kitchen and bathrooms to life! Other higher-priced stones and "exotics" are also available, starting at just + $3.50 sf.

Why Granite?

Granite is a bargain! With our at-cost pricing system, granite is actually competitive with laminate counters and solid-surface products. On the other end of the price spectrum, quartz, quartzite and marble are also beautiful materials, but have some limitations, starting with the fact that those stones sell for much more than the price of granite. But remember, we always wholesale.

Although it's a man-made product, some people do like the un-patterned look of quartz, but, it's 3X the cost of many granites. Quartzite, the natural-stone version, is about as strong as granite, and sometimes has some interesting striations, leaning towards the whiter-whites. Quartzite is 4X the price of granite. Granite at wholesale through us is a very affordable stone, and the slabs are like snowflakes; no 2 exactly alike!

No matter what material you choose, 2 or 3CM, we'll fabricate and install it for $28 SF. No extra charges for "busy" patterns, for round or angled corners, for very difficult stones, high-iron materials, complex movement, or for additional seaming. We offer  4 free edges too!*

*Go to the "Fabrication" page for pics of these edges

Look at more of our Granite and Stone, starting under $8 sq ft, at (Note: Big website, so loads slowly. Slider button on left side for price Levels only appears on laptops and PC'S. Use both ends of the slider to see Level 1 through Level 7 stones. L1= $7.95 SF. L2= 8 - $11. L3= $11.95. L7= big bucks! You get the idea.)  Verona in Broken Arrow is the oldest stone yard in the state, and has thousands of slabs in stock, starting at $7.95 SF. The "V V +" Designer slabs are $11.95. See something you like? Our Designer can meet you to help you pick the perfect slab(s) for your kitchen or bathrooms, and to price any stone at our cost.*

*All stone yards work only "with the trade", and never give pricing to customers. That's how they protect the fabricators who buy from them, and mark up the material. But, because we wholesale the stone to our Clients, you'll always hear stone-yard prices, if one of us is with you.

So before visiting Verona, or any other showroom, please contact us. Our Designer will meet you at the supplier, and help you choose the perfect slab at the lowest possible price. No charge for this service. Verona is open Monday-Friday 8-5, and on Saturday 9-Noon. Call or text us for an appointment anytime. 


Choose from these and dozens of other low-cost granite slabs, many under $8 a sq ft:

Lower-priced slabs like those above average 60-65 SF in size, but can be from 50 to 80 feet. Remnant pieces are often big enough for a bathroom vanity. "Orphans" are the last of a bundle. High-end stone slabs can be even bigger than the less expensive ones, and are used in very large, high-end homes with huge kitchen islands, or with complex counter-layouts. All are available through us, along with every stone material of any kind.

Always be cautious buying remnants unless they are guaranteed crack-free. If a project needs multiple slabs, be sure to look for ones with the same "bundle number", which means they were quarry-cut from the same excavated stone. Also, the "busier" the granite pattern (called "movement"), the harder it is to match seams. So, there will be more waste (small pieces that can't be used). More waste means more slab-material needed.

Be aware that thinner, 2cm (apprx .80") granite is also an option for bath vanities, but the slab selection is smaller. Total savings is minimal, since much of the cost for any stone project is in the fab and installation.

When it's time to choose your material, our Designer meets you at the stone-yard, to help with picking just the right slab, and then pricing it at our cost.  No charge for this service.*

*Please note:  When you choose your material at the yard, we pay for it right then, and give you a copy of our receipt, as proof of what we've paid for the stone. Our cost is your cost. All we add is sales tax.

Pick your stone at wholesale to choose your cost for the job, because our labor price is always the same.

We do granite, marble, quartz and quartzite, soapstone, and all other real stone countertops.

We can provide any style of kitchen or bathroom sink at a great price too!


 Call 8-8 or Text 6am-9pm - 7 days 




*15+ beautiful granite colors and patterns at $7.95 SF.  8 quartz colors at $11.30.  100's of stones, all priced at our wholesale cost.