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Suppliers sell us 20+ colors & patterns of (thicker) 3cm granite slabs for $7.95 SF

We often get further discounts for volume; some as low as $5.00 per SF (square foot)

100+ Designer stones under $12 SF; at cost when we fabricate.

Click below to browse slabs at our major supplier, the oldest stoneyard in OK -   (Slabs avg 60-70 SF)

We are committed to offering only the finest quality products at the best value possible. Browse through our extensive inventory below to see all that we have to offer. We’re constantly updating our selection, so check back often. If you have any questions or special requests simply reach out, our team is ready to help.


Sedona granite: Level 3

We fabricate and install any stone for $28 SF

We buy your slab(s). You pay when your job is completed.

Stone suppliers never sell materials to home owners. Fabricators who decide what to charge for the slabs.

We are different. We wholesale the slab(s) to our Clients, who get a copy of our invoice at the supplier when they choose their stone.


Lyskam quartz: Level 5

Quartz is man-made. Pricier  than granite.

When hired to fabricate, we wholesale 100+ stone patterns and colors to our Clients for less than $12 SF; many of them are UNDER $8

Others mark-up Stone, or package quotes as "labor and materials", which often gives you 3 or 4 choices, instead of OUR 300-400.


Dallas White granite:
$5.05 per Square Foot

(Slabs average 60-70 SF)

We buy any real stone


Level 1 = $7.95 SF or less

Level 2 = $8 - $11.85

Level 3 = $11.95 or less

Level 4 = $15.45

Level 5 = $16 - $34

Levels 6 & 7 = $35 - $98