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Suppliers sell us 20+ colors & patterns of (thicker) 3cm granite slabs for $7.95 SF

We often get even better discounts for volume; some as low as $5.00 per SF (square foot)

And 100+ Designer stones under $12 SF. When we fabricate; wholesale to you

Click below to browse slabs at our major supplier, the oldest stoneyard in OK -   (Granite slabs avg 60-70 SF)


Sedona granite: Level 3

We fabricate and install any stone for $28 SF

We buy your slab(s); you pay when the job is done

Stone suppliers will never sell materials to homeowners; it's the fabricators who decide what to charge for slabs

We are different. We wholesale the slab(s) to our Clients, who get a copy of our invoice at the supplier when they choose stone.


Lyskamm quartz: Level 5

Quartz is man-made, yet costs more  than granite

When hired to fabricate, we wholesale 100+ stone patterns and colors to our Clients for less than $12 SF; many of them are under $8

Others mark-up Stone, or package quotes as "labor and materials", which often gives you 3 or 4 choices, instead of our 300-400


Dallas White granite:
$5.05 per Square Foot

(Slabs average 60-70 SF)

We can buy any real stone


Level 1 = $7.95 SF or less

Level 2 = $8 - $11.85

Level 3 = $11.95 or less

Level 4 = $15.45

Level 5 = $16 - $34

Levels 6 & 7 = $35 - $98