2. Countertop Fabrication

Drop-in sink cutouts are $79 each and we do the first one FREE. Most other places charge $100. Undermount kitchen cutouts are $249. Others charge $300, + 50 for a brace-bracket, which we include FREE. Smaller, undermount vanity-cutouts are $149. Undermount-openings take much more time and increase tooling costs, because we need to cut from templates at the shop, and each hole requires complete edging, final finishing, and mounting. Granite tooling is expensive. Diamond bits and blades don't last long, and can cost $400 or more.

Note: We can fabricate with or without granite backsplashes included in the price. Most splashes are 4" high. To estimate the price difference, multiply 4X the total splash lengths in inches, and divide by 144. Granite splashes are still popular for vanities, but are not used much in kitchens now. Most people want tile. We refer to a great family company which does ceramic, porcelain, or glass-tile splashes. Just ask for contact info.

 We try to schedule no more than 8 jobs a week , taking time to fabricate in the traditional way. Many companies now do CNC cutting (Computer Numerical Control = cut by an automated machine), and reduce polishing to save time. Our stone is hand crafted. We use a full 7 grades of wet-polishing pads. 100% of the work is done by our Granite Artisans. We also fabricate quartz, quartzite, marble, and all other stone countertops.


"First-class work at a can't-miss price"

Professional fab and install is just $28 SF, and includes your choice of 4 free edges: Softened Flat (like the edge of a board), Beveled (1/2", 45-degree angled cut), 1/4 Round (rounded contour on top), and Chiseled (hand-cut look). Other companies charge 20-$25 LF for a chiseled edge. All of the various "Designer" edges are also available from us.





We make stone counters SIMPLE:

 Call 8-8 or Text 6am-9pm - 7 days 

*Discount applies to all jobs sold from Black Friday through December 31, for installation through March 15, 2020. We like to keep our five crews working all winter!


**We have 10+ Granite patterns at $7.95 SF. We can also now buy 8 different colors of Quartz which are available to us at $11.30 SF. Every level of stone pricing at our cost.