Countertop Fabrication

Once upon a time . . .

Professional fab and install is just $28 SF, and includes your choice of 4 free edges:

Drop-in sink cutouts are $79 each, and we always do the first one FREE. Most other places charge $100. Undermounted kitchen-sink cutouts are $249. Others charge $300, + another $50 for "sink-setter" brace-brackets, which we include FREE. Smaller, undermounted vanity cutouts are $149, while many other fabricators charge $200.

We can fabricate with or without granite backsplashes included in the price.

 We try to schedule no more than 8 jobs a week , taking time to fabricate in the traditional way. Our stone is hand crafted. We use a full 7 grades of wet-polishing pads. 100% of the work by Granite Artisans.


                 "First-class work at a can't-miss price"

Call or text 918-747-7893