About Buying Stone

Our major supplier sells us 10+, 3cm (1.2") granites, the "thicker" ones, for $7.95 SF. We pass that wholesale through to you. Most slabs average 60-70 SF in size, but can be 50 to 80+ feet. We also sell small remnants, which are often big enough for a bathroom vanity.

No matter what stone material you choose, we'll fabricate and install it for $28 SF.

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We service an area within 2-3 hours of Tulsa, Oklahoma, dependent on the size of the project.
Why Granite?

Because granite is a bargain! With our at-cost pricing system, granite is actually competitive with laminate and solid-surface counters. Some people do like the clean, light look of quartz, although it's a man-made product, and 2-3X the cost of Level-1 granite.

More than 1 slab?

If a project needs multiple slabs, we'll help you find ones with the same "bundle number", that were quarry-cut from the same stone block. Also, the more random the pattern "movement" is, the harder it will be to utilize it all. Busier patterns create more waste (smaller pieces that can't be used). More waste means more material (an extra slab?), but we always try to source remnants to save on the cost to you.

When it's time to choose material, Designer Michael meets you at the stone-yard, to help with picking just the right material, and then pricing it at our cost.  No charge for this service. When you choose your material at the yard, we pay for it then, and give you a copy of our receipt, as proof of what we've paid for the stone. Our cost is your cost.

Pick your stone at wholesale to choose your cost for the job, because our labor price is always the same.


              "First-class work at a can't-miss price"

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