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Your Wholesale Pricing: (SF = Square Feet)

Level 1 - $9.95/SF or less*
Level 2 - $10 - $13/SF
Level 3 - $15.95/SF
Level 4 - $16 - $18/SF
Level 5 - $18 - $25/SF
Level 6 - $25 - $35/SF
Level 7 - $35 - $100+/SF

Slabs average 60-70SF

*Levels reflect design elements + supply & demand, with highest stone quality in All Levels And Prices.

Browse slabs here with our major supplier: VMC Stone

Call to learn about our top-buyer discounts as low as $7/SF, our designer stones under $16/SF, and our variety of patterns and colors of 3cm (thickest) granite for $9.95/SF!

Popular Stone Options

Here are a Few Popular Granite and Stone Options

Sedona Granite Level 3

  • A really popular and very sought-after stone. We have it!

Lyskam Quartz Level 5

  • Quartz is man-made, and more expensive than granite.

Dallas White Classic Granite - Level 1 - $8.50/SF

Dallas White.JPG
  • The least-expensive wholesale stone as of May 1, 2022

We fabricate and install for $28 SF
+ Any Stone at our COST.

We buy the slabs. Pay us when the JOB IS DONE.

Yards won't price for homeowners.
Other shops sell with UP-CHARGE.