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Price Your Job

How to measure kitchen counters and price your own job in 4 simple steps

Step 1

Grab or borrow a tape measure.

Measuring Tape

Step 2

Measure Width (end-to-end) and Depth (wall-to-edge) of all Areas.

Area = Each square or rectangle.

Measuring to 1/4" is enough.

For L-shaped counters, first leg is Area 1;  2nd is Area 2, as shown:


Extend any angles to form squares or rectangles, as shown:


Step 3

Width x Depth of each Area = Square Inches/144 = Square Feet


Island 84.25 x 36" = 3,033 Square Inches/144 = 21 SF... Easy, Yes?

Step 4

Add up SF of all Areas. Multiply by our labor of $28/SF. You've just priced fabrication and installation for your stone-counter project.

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