About Our Company
We trust our customers, and they trust us

First, please know that we never ask our customers for any money "up front", like others do to cover expenses. We buy the granite slab that you choose, for cash. We don't hold open accounts anywhere. You pay us only when the job is finished.

We can provide this kind of high-quality stone-countertop work at great prices for 3 main reasons:

Our fabrication and installs are done with 5 very experienced shops and Team Managers, and our volume gets us the lowest stone prices.
We use the best crews to ensure high-quality jobs; but run marketing, design, and project-management as our own small, family operation.
We earn a very small profit margin, but make a living doing a large number of projects throughout NE OK and the surrounding areas.

Our retired owner takes no salary. Fabricators have 80 years combined stone experience, and truly enjoy the work. Our Designer and Purchaser are co-owners and family members. All of this lets us work on a much thinner margin, and still provide a living for everyone. Good for us, good for you.

Great work at a great price

Work crews insured and bonded

Our office in Osage County, overlooking beautiful downtown Tulsa.

Bucket-truck view. Office down; we live up; old shop out back.


                "First-class work at a can't-miss price"

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